Feets of Clay


One Tiny Tim Skeleton, one bar of plasticine clay (Playdoh will not work), and some newspaper to work on. You can purchase a clay extruder from a craft store to make clay "strings", or you can simply roll the strings out by hand like strands of spaghetti. For simplicity, you will use only one color of clay for muscle and tendon.

Open one of the web pages showing the muscle that you would like to build. Note the origin and insertion. Place one end of a string of clay at the origin, and run it to the insertion. The clay may not stick well to a new skeleton. Rubbing a little clay onto the bones and wiping it off or roughing it up with sandpaperor abraisive cleanser may help the clay stick better.
Add clay strings until the shape of the muscle is filled out.

You can supplement your learning with other resources like your textbook or the links provided in Feets of Clay on the GetBodySmart web page. At that website, you can see animations of the muscle actions.

Some activities for starting to work with clay, adjusting your Tiny Tim to be more flexible, and learning joint movements are also included in the pull down menu.