Feets of Clay

Free Tiny Tim

  Free Tiny Tim!
While Tiny Tim is a reasonable replica of the human skeleton with many bony landmarks, it is not very flexible. In order for Tiny Tim to circumduct the arm, abduct the leg, or perform certain other movements, you will have to do some "surgery".
  To start, unscrew the nut on one of the shoulders. Remove the arm and set it aside.
  Using a hemostat, or needle nose pliers, grasp the screw tightly, and unwind it from the shoulder.
  Re-attach the arm with a pipe cleaner, string or rubber band, tying it through space between the scapula and the clavicle, and through the hole in the head of the humerus. Be sure that the arm is reattached with the palm facing forward, and tie it loosely enough that it has good mobility. Clip off any excess. You can now practice joint motions (see Activity Page).

To free the leg, remove the screw as described above for the arm. This time, put a pipe cleaner through the head of the femur and then through the hole in the acetabulum. Wad the pipe cleaner into a knot on either side of the bones to prevent it from coming out. Cut off the excess.